Winter Crossword

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Crosswords are popular among seniors. I prepared one for winter regarding the main vocabulary to winter. Have a look what it was about.

Students should practise vocabulary about winter what they have studied recently in the classes. One winter crossword with big letters to fill in was about to guess these:

2. These keep you feet dry
4. Winter weather
5. Wear this to keep warm
7. These keep your ears warm
10._____Celsius degrees: freezing
11. Ice hockey tool (plural)
13. First month of winter

1. These keep your hands warm and dry
3. This keeps your neck warm
6. This covers your window
8. What ponds do in winter
9. This covers the ground
12. This covers ponds and lakes

Solution: 1. gloves, 2. boots, 3. scarf, 4. cold, 5. coat, 6. frost, 7. earmuffs, 8. freeze, 9. snow, 10. zero, 11. sticks, 12. ice, 13. December

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