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Australia - Beechworth

Peggie’s essay is bellow. All interesting content that you will not find in a guidebook.

Dear schoolmates,

As we have learnt about Australia from our textbook – lesson one, I will rather let you know about Beechworth, where the family of my son lives. Beechworth is one of the most historical town in Victoria state and it is situated within the Indigo  Shire. Its population is approximately 4 000 people. As Beechworth is the national heritage significance, it is a popular travel destination for visitors and tourist toward the Northern region. Beechworth was established in 1852 as a direct result of the discovery of gold in Spring Creek. Its streets and buildings were mostly founded between the years 1850 and 1860. Beechworth´s buildings, such as churches, schools, hotels , Burke Museum Houses, Prison, Shire Office,( which was also used as a Court House).  Gold Office and Gold Administration buildings as well as many others were  often built of  local granite stone. At this time a hospital was also built (Ovens District Hospitl). Itis really admirable, that the first stone was placed in September  1st 1856 and the first patient was admitted in February 1857. In the centre of the town there is the most famous building – the Post Office Clock Tower. In front of this bulding people gather together on many occasions during the year. Another interesting place is called Mayday Hills. Here in 1867 the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, the hospital, was opened . This hospital had many related buildings, such as a huge kitchen, few houses for doctors, hotel, stores, laundry – all settled in a large, amazing park. Many of the trees there, admired by visitors, were brought from Melbourne´s Botanic Garden. There could be accommodated about 1000 lunatic patiens at one time in this hospital. This hospital was closed in 1996 and these buildings were used by the La Trobe University for some years.

NowadaysBeechworth is a preferred tourist destination in North Victoria and plays an important role as a service center for Stanley and Wooragee population nearby, were people have to rely on agriculture. The tourist coming to Beechworth can enjoy many retail outlets, artshops, restaurants, hotels and private accommodation, cake shops and coffee houses or two bee-shops, one of those has also a restaurant. The surrounding nature is really amazing, with all the fantastic flowers and trees. The wild Spring Creek in abundance of beautiful coloured stones and holes inside is filled with black water, where you can have a bath.

If you walk down the creek you watch the piles of majestic rocks, some of them resemble people or animals.  If you want to take  a rest, or go for a nice swim, just visit the area of Lake Sambell. There are nice playgrounds, many rest places, cycleway and footway and of course a camp park.  In Beechworth you can play golf, croquet or tennis, ride a horse, whatever. You cant´ get bored. And if you think, you need to visit a shopping mall, you can go by car or by bus either to Wabgaratta or to Albury-Wodonga, the distance to these bigger towns is about 40 km. But I would  also suggest to go and visit some of the nice small towns and villages not far from Beechworth. You can visit small antique shops, markets, many local events, festivities, folk festivals, garage-sales, etc. It is very easily possible to go and visit one of the small farms -such as apple, strawberry, hop, chesnut or pumpkin plants. As Beechworthsurrownding is known for wine growing, there are many wineries, accompanied by wine bars and restaurants, you can enjoy all of these. And if this would not be enough for you, just take a train for instance to Ballarad – the town where you can visit the Gold Museum, this is an amazing experience. By train you can go to Melbourne, it takes only 3 hours. A visit of this enjoyable town of 4 mil. inhabitants  will bring you unforgettable impressions, entertainment and a piece of knowledge.





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