Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire

25. 5. 2018I also keep an eye on interesting holidays from English speaking countries. One of which is for example „Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire, in England. Let’s have a look what this contest is about.

Beavers in Scotland

25. 5. 2018My students like reading about nature and animals. This article is about beavers in Scotland. It is interesting from historical point of view and also from today’s point of view.

Homes of the Richest Americans

25. 5. 2018Let’s take a peek how the richest Americans live. You will get to know about their worths, about their neighbours and about their jobs. The photos and videos were found and projected by the teacher in the class.

Britský protokol

4. 5. 2018Na přání studentů jsem zpracovala britský protokol v souvislosti s tématem „Royal Wedding“ a rozeslala jeho anglickou a českou verzi e-mailem. Jeho znění v českém jazyce připojuji. Přečtěte si, co členové královské rodiny musí dodržovat. 

Fun Facts

4. 5. 2018These are a couple of fun facts that may broaden your horizons. Read more for example about why we use „mayday“ or why women have buttons on the left or why zero scores in tennis are called „love“. 

The Amish in America

27. 4. 2018The elderly enjoy reading about interesting topics referring to English speaking countries which one of these is „The Amish in America“. This is the community which enjoys natural way of living. Let’s read more about it just here!

Royal Wedding: Prince Harry + Meghan Markle

18. 4. 2018The royal wedding is hot topic nowadays. So why doesn’t talk about it in the classes of seniors? It is upcoming news and many of my students are interested in this worldwide stunning event. 

Reasons to Learn Piano

18. 4. 2018Some of my students love to learn piano. Also my students‘ children or grandchildren love to play the piano. So it’s a good topic to discuss it. The fresh article says „Why it is good to learn piano“.

Fashion Design by Matty Bovan

9. 4. 2018This article is about one young British designer, Matty Bovan. Also fashion is a grateful topic for seniors. Especially ladies, attending my courses, love fashion. They are dressed up and look fabulous! Read more about Matty Bovan.

Nové logo

2. 4. 2018Změnila jsem logo. Jeho nová podoba je profesionálnější, barevnější a myslím i dostatečně vypovídající po obsahové a grafické stránce. Přečtěte si jeho charakteristiku. Snad se Vám nové logo taky líbí.