Gin Production in Wales

14. 3. 2018Alcohol is always a good topic to its discussion in the classes. This depicts an incrising gin popularity in Wales. Nowadays it’s a very fashionable drink, too. Some seniors brought into the classes a fitting refreshment.

The Oscars: A Brief History

6. 3. 2018The topic is very attracting because it is watched not only by the elderly but also by all age people. This contains an interesting history about the Oscars. The official ceremony was announced on March 4th.

Svalbard (Spitsbergern) – student’s presentation

5. 3. 2018Lída, a wonderful student from Intermediate level, prepared a beatiful presentation about Svalbard (Spitsbergern / česky „Špicberky“). We also had a lovely slideshow with many beautiful images. 

Fun Facts about Queen Elizabeth II.

2. 3. 2018This monarchy is very popular among seniors. Many of them have visited London and Buckingham Palace. The article is about the Queen’s juicy details. This year she will be 92 years old. Read more just here!

Australia – student’s presentation

23. 2. 2018Olga Habermann from Intermediate level wrote a beautiful essay about the oldest continent – Australia. The photos were projected. It was a fabulous slide show lead by my cooperative native teacher, Jeanne Marie Wallnau. 

South Africa – student’s presentation

20. 2. 2018Dana is a lovely student from Intermediate level. She visited South Africa and her colleague at the South African Embassy. She wrote an inspiring essay. We talked about this country and had a beautiful slideshow! 

Billy Budd – the British opera in the National Theatre

19. 2. 2018Seniors love going to cultural events. One of them is an opera. Billy Budd is the first British played opera in Prague! I invite my students to go and see it. It will be on this April in the National Theatre.

Birdsong and Human Language

16. 2. 2018Many seniors keep pets. They also love animals and birds. This topic describes the similarities between birds and humans. To its great surprise there is no ancestor of birds and humans that made a song.

Do smartphones cause damage to children?

5. 2. 2018I also try to have seniors keep the pace with time. Smartphones are the hot topic nowadays in IT equipment. Many seniors use them, too. But what is said about smartphones towards children and grandchildren?

Prague’s Second Astronomical Clock

26. 1. 2018Seniors love reading about history. Also a history of Prague is a gratful topic to talk about. Let’s read more interesting facts about the astronomical clocks in Prague.