Famous Dancer and a Famous Singer

29. 6. 2018Last English lesson was very special with a musical programme. The two musical interpreters who made the class different were Michael Flatley and Dionne Warwick. Let’s read what was going on in the class.

Jan Feldstein – host v kurzech seniorů

25. 6. 2018Do pondělního kurzu mírně pokročilých studentů se přišel podívat Jan Feldstein, spolupracovník na tvorbu článků pro seniory. Přečtěte si více právě zde.

The Pros and Cons of Sous-Vide Cooking

18. 6. 2018My elderly love cooking. It’s the most favourite activity for them during their leisure time in their retirement. Sous-vide cooking method is something what many of them haven’t heard of it. 

Scientists Look for Loch Ness Monster

11. 6. 2018Animals, mysteries and further curiosities from English speaking countries also catch my seniors‘ eyes. Let’s have a look and read more about the Loch Ness Monster. The historical background is a must for my elderly.

Boston Tea Party: Coffee Chain Stops Using Disposable Cups

4. 6. 2018Coffee is always a good topic for the elderly. They love drinking coffee and going to a sweetshop. The worldwide hot topic is also how to eliminate plastic. Let’s look how this problem was solved out by one British café.

Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire

25. 5. 2018I also keep an eye on interesting holidays from English speaking countries. One of which is for example „Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire, in England. Let’s have a look what this contest is about.

Beavers in Scotland

25. 5. 2018My students like reading about nature and animals. This article is about beavers in Scotland. It is interesting from historical point of view and also from today’s point of view.

Homes of the Richest Americans

25. 5. 2018Let’s take a peek how the richest Americans live. You will get to know about their worths, about their neighbours and about their jobs. The photos and videos were found and projected by the teacher in the class.

Ireland – student’s presentation

14. 5. 2018Milan, student z kurzu falešní začátečníci, navštívil Irsko, konkrétně hlavní město Dublin. O Dublinu jsme si povídali a také jsme si promítali fotky. Pro všechny to byl krásný zážitek a také příjemné zpestření v hodinách angličtiny.

USA – student’s presentation

11. 5. 2018Olga, studentka z kurzu začátečníků, navštívila USA. V hodině jsme si přečetli krásnou esej v angličtině, kterou Olga napsala a pak jsme si o této zemi povídali. Došlo i na promítání fotografií přes projektor. Byl to krásný zážitek pro všechny v hodině angličtiny!