TESLA is making another roadster

11. 12. 2017This topic is about TESLA’s amazing new sports car. Besides TESLA was the first electrical engineering company in Czechoslovakia in 1921 and still operates in Prague 9. Read more about it here!

Sex and seniors

11. 12. 2017This topic is unusual but not taboo anymore for the elderly. It diversifies English lesson texts and makes the elderly cheerful. They had fun and enjoyed reading. Read it entirely, too!

American pension vs. European pension

24. 11. 2017The elderly are interested in pensions abroad. Interesting comparison between American pension and European pension you’ll find just here.

Robots for senior citizens?

20. 11. 2017The global population of the elderly is growing fast. Japan is dealing with this problem in its own way. Let’s read more about robots for senior citizens in Japan. I think it’s just weird but true. 

Housing in the UK – student’s presentation

18. 11. 2017One of my great students Jaroslav visited Portsmouth, the port city in Hampshire in England, where his son lives. He described the housing in the cities of the UK in his presentation.

How to cook what

17. 11. 2017The elderly love to cook. The article „How to cook what“ is about the basic cooking methods and the main dishes which you can cook. We discussed this topic in the class and students picked the questions.

Scotland – student’s presentation

12. 11. 2017One of the students from Intermediate level, Dagmar, prepared a lovely essay about Scotland that she visited.  You can read more about it here and look at the photos, too. Full of history, interesting facts and inspiring inputs for everybody who loves travelling!

Daniela Kühnlová – host v kurzech seniorů

7. 11. 2017Vzácným hostem v mých kurzech angličtiny pro seniory byla paní Daniela Kühnlová. Úžasná dáma, která emigrovala s rodiči v roce 1968 do Velké Británie. Paní Kühnlová odpovídala na dotazy studentů.

Jarmila Kalašová, 90 y.o. painter

7. 11. 2017My senior citizens like art. No matter if it’s applied or contemporary art, figurative or impressionist art, photographing, sculpture or just painting. They love going to galleries, museums, exhibitions etc. Read about Jarmila Kalašová, the painter.

Kevin Mactavish – host v kurzech seniorů

3. 11. 2017Kevin Mactavish byl hostem v začátečnických kurzech seniorů. Tento gentleman v seniorském věku, rodilý mluvčí z USA,  si velmi hezky povídal se začátečníky a studenti se i zasmáli.