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Global warming, in other words climate change, is the worldwide problem. However, seniors are interested in such a topic and having discussion about it. This study text describes how climate change affects animals, drinking water and nature.


Our planet is very warm now. People use the words global warming, but expert1 say that it is better to use the words climate change.

Climate change means that the weather2 is different now. It changes air temperature3, but also the level of humidity. People produce a lot of CO2, which goes to the atmosphere4 of our planet.

Ice melts5 in places like Antarctica6. It is very bad for polar bear. Some animals now go to colder regions. And mosquitos7 with malaria now exist in Europe.

Many countries have problems with drinking water. This problem exists also in the Czech Republic. We have less8 water now and a lot of trees die, because they are too dry. Climate change also creates problems with bark beetle in Šumava, and in other places.

Vocabulary: 1odborník| 2počasí| 3teplota| 4atmosféra| 5tát| 6Antarktida| 7komár| 8méně
Language notes: global warming=globální oteplování|climate change=klimatická změna|level of humidity=míra vlhkosti|polar bear=lední medvěd|drinking water=pitná voda|bark beetle=kůrovec|too dry=příliš suchý
Sources: nationalgeographic.com|en.wikipedia.org