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England – London

Článek jsem zveřejnila 20.6.2017|Cestování|

My good student, Miluška, visited London with her daughter. Despite she is the beginner, she wrote a very nice essay about what she visited. We also had a look at interesting brochures and postcards in the class. Let’s read more about it.


London is a large historic city. It is on the river Thames.
People of all nationalities live there.
There are many historical monuments in London.
It is good to visit:
a) Tower – there is the Bloody Tower – executions
the White Tower – there are the treasures of the king
the Black Tower – Prison

There are houses for the royal guard and staff.
There are also sheds in the corral where 7 black ravens live.
Legend says: “The kingdom of England will stop to exist in this place.”
There is a very good care of ravens:
They get 100g of rabbit meat, grains and a special drink with vitamins every day.

b) Visits:
The Queen at Buckhingham Palace, Parliament Building and Big Ben Tower; The Prime Minister at Downing Street No. 10; Trafalgar Square where is the statue of Admiral Nelson and the National Gallery

Double decker bus is in London.