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Článek jsem zveřejnila 2.5.2017|Cestování|

One of my students from Advanced Level, Olga, visited her daughter in London. We read her lovely essay, projected photos and talked about this place together. Let’s have a look at her awesome experiences contained in her text.


In March 2017 I went to London for the first time in my life. My daughter lived there at that time.
So I and my friend decided to visit London for a couple of days and asked her for guiding as this is her job.

We landed at Gatwick airport and then we went by train to our hotel. The public transport in London is very sophisticated. You can travel around London very fast by train or underground or typical  red double-decker buses. Right at the airport you can buy the Oyster card, our “Lítačka” but smarter. You can charge it at many places and it works very simply at all public means of transport. You attach it to the contact point and the corresponding amount is deducted from the card, you can check it on the display.

London is a big town densely populated. You can see here many people of all skin colors especially Muslims and blacks.

Our first stop the same day when we arrived, was Hyde Park, the largest and one of the most beautiful parks in London with a lake in its centre and with known Speakers‘ Corner. Many people and the whole families had a picnic there. It´s situated near Buckingham Palace – the royal home of the Queen. In front of the Palace we observed guards in their typical red uniforms and black fur hats.

The next point of our interest was Sky Garden, the big skyscraper. From its 38th floor we could see the whole London like in the palm of your hands. The entry was free (like in almost all museums and galleries in London).
We only had to book tickets in advance.

London is situated on the River Thames. It is also the town of bridges, the famous one is definitely Tower Bridge. The footbridge at the top has the glass floor and the mirror ceiling. In the evening we even saw opening of the bridge, which is held once in three months.

We saw a lot in four days in London. It´s not necessary to talk about all things, but what I must mention is St. Paul´s Cathedral. At 5 o´clock PM there are Mass services held in all churches. You can go there before the time of service without admission. So we could see it from inside.

We saw also Westminster Abby, The Big Ben – a symbol of London which is a clock tower 96 meters high and Westminster Cathedral similar to Cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris. We were walking through Oxford street,
Trafalgar Square, visiting National Gallery with marvelous paintings, wandering at Soho and China´s Quarter .

To be in London it is necessary to see Greenwich with a well-known Old Royal Observatory and an astronomical meridian. So we went for  it and went there by boat.

The last day of our stay we decided to go to Brighton – a beautiful seaside town. The weather was favourable. So we were sitting outside front of the restaurant, eating fish and chips and looking at the sea. After lunch I took off shoes and soaked my feet in La Manch. Beautiful but chilling.

After all I must not forget to talk about traditional English breakfast – toast, fried eggs, ham, beans, sausage – full plate with good price, only about four pounds. We were eating it in a typical English pub like from old times. And after breakfast to the airport and back home.

London is a very interesting place with many old and modern buildings standing side by side, with many cultural sights and beautiful parks but I must say that Prague is more beautiful and I am glad to have my home here. Well, „East-west, home’s best. I always say.