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Recipe for Bundt Cake (bábovka)

Článek jsem zveřejnila 6.4.2017|Jídlo a pití|

One of my great students from False Beginner Level, Rose, has a special recipe for bundt cake that was inhereted from her mother. Let’s have a look at interesting history of the recipe and ingredients.

Rose’s mom and her two sisters attended a convent school in Horažďovice. At that time the girls gained knowledge, personality development and led them to the diligence. They learnt there how to cook, knit, crochet, embroider, sew and so on.

The founder of the Czech branch of the School Sisters of Notre Dame was P. Gabriel Schneider who bought the monastery church of the Virgin Mary in 1853. In 1853-1952 the school for nurses worked here. After 1990 they returned. The classes were still taken in there.

Congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame is the female religious community which is mainly engaged in upbringing and education in the spirit of Christian values. The community was reported to the original female „Řád Kanovničky“ sv. Augustin based in 16th century in France.

Congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame is divided into four provinces: Czech, Slovak, Bavarian and American.

„Konat tolik dobra, kolik je jen možné.“
(Petr Fourier, zakladatel ve Francii)

Recipe for bundt cake
450 g flour
300 g granulated sugar
230 g butter
200 ml milk
6 eggs
vanilla sugar
baking powder

Cooking method:
Eggs yolks together with sugar and butter wipe for the foam, add flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and milk, mix everything carefully. Then gently whisk and add egg whites. Part of batter can be mixed with cocoa to create a marble cake. Pour batter into bundt tin and bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for one hour. After baking dump a bundt cake.

Enjoy it!