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SAKOTIS (ŠAKOTIS) Lithuanian recipe

Článek jsem zveřejnila 23.4.2016|Jídlo a pití, Kultura|

Danute comes from Lithuania. She always brings SAKOTIS (ŚAKOTIS) to the class on special occasion. Take a look at the recipe.

The recipe kindly found for us Milada, the student from false beginner lever, who enjoys cooking a lot.

Traditional Lithuanian Sakotis cake is a very popular sweet dish served at weddings, birthday’s, Christmas and just about any celebration.

The origins of the dish are a little sketchy but it seems probably that it originated in Eastern Europe/Baltics. It a very simple dish where batter is poured over a metal cylinder that rotates over a wooden fire causing peaks of cake mixture to form.

Each country has their own name and recipe for the dish but the ingredients of eggs, sour cream, sugar, butter and flour are fairly consistant.

If you would like to bake it in the Czech Republic, please, don’t forget it rotates and bakes grilling a long time!