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It is no surprise that cheddar cheese comes from an English town in Sommerset called Cheddar. However, sharp-tasting cheese is not the only great discovery that put this town on the map and most importantly in the history textbooks. Meet the Cheddar Man, the oldest complete skeleton found in Britain.


Cheddar is a small town in the south-west of England.  A lot of people know this town because of Cheddar cheese, which comes from there.  It has an excellent taste1.

This region is also famous because of Cheddar Man.  His story started 40,000 years ago.  People left Africa and moved to the north.  At that time, there was ice in the north.  The ice melted2 30,000 years later.   Then people moved further3 north and came to Britain.

They were hunter-gatherers4 and made objects from stone.  They also used antlers5 to make bows and arrows.  They had dark brown skin and blue eyes.  We know this because of Cheddar Man, the oldest British skeleton6.  It is 10,000 years old.

When experts analysed its DNA, the test told them about the dark brown skin and blue eyes.  This was a big surprise to the scientists.

Vocabulary: 1chuť|2roztát|3dále|4lovec-sběrač|5parohy|6kostra
Language notes: south-west=jihozápad| Cheddar cheese=sýr Čedar| because of=kvůli| bows and
arrows=luky a šípy| big surprise=velké překvapení
Sources: guardian.com|britannica.com

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