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There is a new film about the incredible life of Tomáš Baťa, one of the most successful Czech businessman. The film should start filming in the spring or summer of 2020 and will cost 85 million Czech crowns.


„Tomáš Baťa is incredible 1„, says Adam Dvořák, who works as a producer2.He is going to make a film called Baťa.The film will be about the life of the famous businessman between3 the years of 1904 and 1924.Baťa was famous also in the USA and Canada.

1904 – 1924:
Baťa’s company is now more successful4, and it doesn’t have financial problems.
Tomáš Baťa works hard and he wants other people to work hard, too.

The new film will cost5 85 million Czech crowns and the filming6 should start in the spring or summer of 2020.

The filmmakers7 will build old factories 8 and machines again.These factories and machines are important for the film, because the oldest factories and machines in Zlín come from the year of 1934.„It will be very difficult and expensive,“ says Dvořák.

Baťa created this slogan: „Our Customer is Our Master.“.

Vocabulary: 1neuvěřitelný |2producent| 3mezi|4úspěšný|5stát(peníze)|6natáčení|7filmař (sg.)|8továrna (sg.)
Language notes: work as=pracovat jako|make a film=točit film|financial problems=finanční
problémy|work hard=tvrdě pracovat|the oldest=nejstarší
Sources: radiozurnal.rozhlas.cz|en.wikipedia.org.

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