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Bábovka and the best cakes in London

Článek jsem zveřejnila 20.2.2017

Jarka baked bábovka for welcome party of opening a new classroom. She asked me the question „how is it with bábovka in English speaking countries“? And a new topic was in the world.

I prepared the text about Bábovka – the historical background, terminology, vocabulary about description of taste, aroma etc.The 2nd part of the topic was related to the best cakes of London that was prepared by my colleague Vlaďka who spent a couple of years working and living over there.She shared the experiences about the best London cakes with others and wrote her feedback that I attach.

Besides we watched the video about how to make chocolate fudge cake and carrot cake.It was fun and seniors enjoyed it!.

Bábovka and London best cakes                                                             .

Bábovka is a traditional Czech bundt cake that English speaking countries don’t know.Sunday lunch usually finishes with something sweet, baking is an indispensable part of the whole Sunday.And „bábovka“ or the bundt cake is a classic Czech cake that is not healthy but it is a dessert for a typical lazy Sunday afternoon.The smell of freshly baked bábovka is tempting.

Source: www.tasteofprague.com and wikipedia.

BUNDT CAKE                                                 .

Bábovka is popular in southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Alsace.Its alternative names are Gugelhupf (also Kugelhupf, Guglhupf, Gugelhopf, and in France kouglof, kougelhof).The name comes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.This dessert was chosen to represent Austria in the Café Europe initiative of the Austrian presidency of the European Union, on Europe Day 2006.

Vlady Starr-Veselá, the cooperative teacher of 50+, says to London best cakes:
Most delicious cakes I have ever eaten were chocolate fudge cake, carrot cake & lemon meringue pie.
Chocolate fudge is the top cake for me.The smooth velvet chocolate cream and chocolate contained in this cake and just the whole taste of it is just mouthwatering.It is the bliss for me.Another bliss is a carrot cake.I understand that some may say: ‚Carrot? Carrot inside the cake? No, thank you.‚ But it is not as it looks like.One of the reasons the carrot contained inside is to make it soft and wet.And also the lovely interesting taste of the cream that covers this masterpiece is stunning.And lemon meringue pie? Oh man.That sour & sweet combination is just heavenly.If you ever get the chance to try some of these cakes – please do it.You will never regret.And you will always desire to taste them in your mouth again… .