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Seniors love travelling. Their favourite travel destination is also Ireland. Beara peninsula is not much known among tourists despite it’s a very beautiful Irish place. Let’s read more about it just here!


A lot of people travel to the south-west of Ireland to visit places such as Dingle, where they can see dolphins.But they often miss3 the beautiful Beara peninsula, a lovely gem of the Emerald Isle.

Beara peninsula is a favourite place of hippies, artists, poets and those who like outdoor4 sports.The landscape5 is full of green hills, rocks6 and sandy beaches.There are also a lot of lovely towns and villages.

The largest town on the peninsula is Castletownbere.It is a small town and an important fishing port7 in Ireland.There is also a big church in Castletownbere and many great restaurants, such as Cronin’s Hideaway, where you can have fish and chips.Glengarriff is a small village by the sea warmed8 by the Gulf Stream.The sun shines here more often than in other parts of Ireland.Glengarriff is also the home of the famous actress Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher from the detective series9 Murder, she wrote).

Vocabulary: 1poloostrov| 2klenot| 3minout| 4venkovní| 5krajina| 6skála| 7přístav| 8ohřívaný| 9seriál
Language notes: south-west=jihozápadní|Emerald Isle=Smaragdový ostrov (Irsko)| sandy beach=písčitá pláž|largest town=největší město |fish and chips=ryby a hranolky|Gulf Stream= Golfský proud|more often than=častěji než|Murder, she wrote=To je vražda, napsala
Sources: guardian.com|bearatourism.com.

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