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Bees, honey and mead are favourite words among the elderly. A few of them enjoy keeping bees, many of them like eating honey and some of them like drinking mead.


This is an interview with Petr Hájek.
Mr.Hájek is a beekeeper2.

How old are bees as a species?
Bees as a species are 50 million years old.

Why do people keep bees also in cities now?
They do it, because there are tall trees in cities.
Prague 6, for example, has many nice and tall trees in Stromovka and Bubeneč.They have blossoms3 full of nectar.

Are bee clusters dangerous4?
No, they’re not.
Call a beekeeper, don’t call firemen5.Bees are not dangerous in clusters, because they are very busy.They are carrying6 honey and are looking for a home.

Is honey from cities healthy7?
Bees filter8 bad things from city trees.
So honey from a city can be very good and healthy.

Is it difficult to make good mead?
No, it’s not.
But it’s important to make a lot of it.It’s the same with wine.

Vocabulary: 1medovina| 2včelař| 3květ| 4nebezpečný| 5hasiči| 6nosit| 7zdravý| 8filtrovat
Language notes: as a species=jako živočišný druh|keep bees=chovat včely|full of=plný (čeho)|bee
cluster=včelí roj|very busy=velmi zaneprázděný|look for=hledat|the same=totéž
Sources: radiozurnal.rozhlas.c.

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