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Boston Tea Party: Coffee Chain Stops Using Disposable Cups

Článek jsem zveřejnila 4.6.2018

Coffee is always a good topic for the elderly. They love drinking coffee and going to a sweetshop. The worldwide hot topic is also how to eliminate plastic. Let’s look how this problem was solved out by one British café.

Boston Tea Party is a British family-owned café located in Bristol, England.This is the first company that wants to ban disposable cups from the 1st of June.

Sam Roberts, the owner of the company, de-scribed waste from disposable cups as sense-less.He says: “We must stop right now.” The truth is that a discarded cup take centuries to decompose.Takeaway drinks represent 5.2 per cent of Boston Tea Party’s total turnover of £19.8m (± 590 milionu Kč).The change might mean a drop in sales by £1m.

The name of the company comes from the Boston Tea Party, a political protest that took place in Boston in the United States in 1773.Local tea merchants were protesting against a British company selling tea in American col-onies without paying taxes.

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