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Political topic is also favourite among seniors. Now we will talk about Brexit that is a hot topic in the world nowadays. Up to date information on Brexit follows in text.


Brexit means „British exit“.
People use this word when they talk about the United Kingdom (UK) and its leaving1 the European Union (EU).

The UK wants to leave the EU after a referendum from the 23rd of June 2016.This is the referendum question: “Should the UK leave the EU?”.

And the result2? 17.4 million to 16.1 million for those who want to leave.Brexit cannot happen immediately3.The date for Brexit is the 29th of March 2019.But the EU agrees that it can happen later.

The UK and the EU have to negotiate4.They need to reach a deal.This deal is called the Withdrawal Agreement.

But in January 2019, the British parliament5 doesn’t accept the agreement.And the same thing happens again two more times.The Conservatives6 are now trying to solve the problem with the Labour Party.

Vocab.: 1odchod| 2výsledek| 3ihned| 4vyjednat| 5parlament| 6konzervativec
Language notes: talk about=hovořit o|reach a deal=dosáhnout dohody|Withdrawal Agreement=dohoda o odchodu Británie z EU|solve the problem=vyřešit problém|Labour party=Strana práce
Sources: bbc.com.

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