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Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire

Článek jsem zveřejnila 25.5.2018

I also keep an eye on interesting holidays from English speaking countries. One of which is for example „Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire, in England. Let’s have a look what this contest is about.


One of the world’s strangest1 events, the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling, returns in 2018.
People will be coming from far away to see the famous sporting action on Cooper’s Hill in

Cooper’s Hill has hosted the traditional event since the 1800s.More than 40 contestants try to chase a rolling 4-kilo cheese wheel down the hill.

This may be the strangest competition in the history of mankind.However, its origin is unknown.Many people think it was a celebration of the new crops after winter.

The event was officially cancelled in 2010 for health and safety reasons.Since then, though, loyal contestants and happy spectators have continued coming to Cooper’s Hill, wanting to keep this world-famous tradition alive.This year’s event will take place on Monday 28 May.

Cooper’s Hill is so steep that only a few contestants manage to stay on their feet.Instead, they fall head-over-heels down the hill, trying hard to catch the special prize – a huge Double Gloucester cheese.

In reality, the cheese can never be caught.It soon reaches a speed of more than 112 kph.The winner of the race is the first person to cross the line at the bottom of the hill.Sadly, some contestants fall.For this reason, ambulances are present.It is surely not a safe competition, so contestants must make sure they don’t bruise or cry easily! 🙂.

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