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Seniors love exhibitions including for example interesting personalities. Eva Jiřičná, who lives in London, exhibits her work at the DOX Centre in Prague. The study text is also a kind of invitation for my students to see something interesting.


Eva Jiřičná (*1939) is 80-years old this year, and you can visit her exhibition between the 22nd of March and the 12th of August, 2019, at the DOX Centre in Prague.The event2 is about the whole3 career of the Czech architect.

You can see Eva Jiřičná’s projects from the past4 at the exhibition, but also her sources of inspiration, and it is also possible to watch documentary5 films about her life and work.

Eva Jiřičná, who lives in London, is the most famous Czech female6 architect in the world.She likes modern style of architecture.She uses a lot of glass and metal7.She likes natural light in interiors.Her main8 inspiration is technology, but also nature.

She says: “My designs are a combination of rational and intuitive elements.”.

She designs chairs, tables, interiors and family homes.Her work also includes9 a library, hotel or school.She designed some interiors in the Dancing House, and also the Royal Garden in Prague.

Vocab.: 1oslava| 2akce(událost)| 3celý| 4minulost| 5dokument(film)| 6ženský| 7kov| 8hlavní| 9zahrnovat
Language notes: this year=letos|source of inspiration=zdroj inspirace|modern style=moderní styl|natural light=přirozené světlo|rational and intuitive element=racionální a intuitivní prvek|family home=rodinný dům|Dancing House=Tančící dům|Royal Garden=Královská zahrada
Sources: designmag.cz|en.wikipedia.org.

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