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Fashion Design by Matty Bovan

Článek jsem zveřejnila 9.4.2018

This article is about one young British designer, Matty Bovan. Also fashion is a grateful topic for seniors. Especially ladies, attending my courses, love fashion. They are dressed up and look fabulous! Read more about Matty Bovan.

Matty Bovan is fashion’s hopeful young star.The work of Britain’s designer mixes science fiction with ordinary craft.He has recently set up a studio in York, England.And at 27 years old, he still lives with his parents.

Bovan likes to wear a reflective1 jacket over a white mini-dress, or a mustard-coloured dress over tie-dye2 leggings.His approach to fashion is refreshing.

“People my age”, he says, “are trying to find a way to avoid mass production.We need less stuff.Mass consumption and mass production can’t continue forever.”.

We make the clothes in York – I want every piece of clothing to be touched by hand.” In his opinion: “Craft is more important than ever.Imagine printing3 your own jumper at home – I think that will happen, but the handmade design must be combined with the hi-tech design.” This is important so that fashion and consumption do not increase.

Bovan says: “We have too much of everything.”.

Source: theguardian.com.