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Gardening in UK

Článek jsem zveřejnila 9.5.2017

Seniors like gardening. Many of them do gardening at the cottages or at the houses. Due to this popular hobby among elderly people, in cooperation with my cooperating teacher, Vlaďka, I distributed the text about gardening in UK.

Gardening in UK                                                                 .

British gardens are a mix of greatness and wit Drop in with your horticultural questions The creative art between formal style and crazy planting is inside the decorating and handwork of British gardens style.Start with walls and hedges, do topiary for sense of history, add roses, bushes and you will  be on your way to have a dreamy English country garden.

Plant Finder – Search the plants database and find all details and growing tips.

Pest and Disease – View the pest and disease facts to help your plants.

Desktop Calendar – Download this month’s calendar and welcome the spring months.

Nature: Plants – Read about the charming life of plants and look at their great  strategies.

Gardening Blog – Fun in gardening, get some inspiration and advice in the gardening blog.

Gardeners‘ calendar – Find tips for every day of your garden.

Messageboard – Forget problems and share your gardening tips.

Weather – Search your location and check the weather forecast to plan your gardening.


Source: BBC, English gardens.