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Gifted hands shops for you

Článek jsem zveřejnila 11.9.2017

Gifted Hands shops for you is an article about a private care service helping seniors in the USA. First, students read and translated the article at home. Second we talked about it in the class and students replied to the questions.

Gifted Hands shops for you.

by Jessica Perez.

As the owner of a private care service, I have experience with the many different needs of our seniors.

My dedicated team and I at Gifted Hands do our best to provide peace of mind to not only our seniors but also to their families as well.Whether a family lives close by or not, sometimes they just do not have time to do as much as they would like for their loved ones.We can help.

One example is grocery shopping.Another is running errands.These seem like simple things, but they are not simple for seniors in care.We tend to our patients with love and understand their medications and diet restrictions.  We can pick up medications and help seniors plan their meals while doing the grocery shopping.We can also help prepare their meals.I actually love shopping so doing it for someone else is a joy!.

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