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Gin Production in Wales

Článek jsem zveřejnila 14.3.2018

Alcohol is always a good topic to its discussion in the classes. This depicts an incrising gin popularity in Wales. Nowadays it’s a very fashionable drink, too. Some seniors brought into the classes a fitting refreshment.

Gin producers in Wales are reporting excellent sales, with some distilleries selling three times as much gin as the previous year.

The number of gin producers in Wales has jumped from six in 2014 to 17 today.This is described in the industry as “a Welsh success story”.In general, the Welsh spirit industry is doing very well.It is said that the waters are amazing in Wales….

Gin is very fashionable and socially acceptable these days.Women are having a gin and tonic (G&T) with their grandmother and men are having one in the rugby club.

Some say that the drink’s increase in popularity is due to its improved quality.Ten years ago, gin was quite unloved by the public and by distilleries.Britain has been creating different flavours of gin, so people can find something they really love.

However, alcohol trends usually last no more than a decade.The gin trend started in London around five years ago, so it’s currently nearing its peak.

Clear spirits move in trends, but people’s interest in whisky remains steady.The important message for the smaller distillers is to make brown spirits too.That way, they will not face hard times once the trend ends.

Source: BBC News [online] / http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-42717977.