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Havel v Americe is a new book by journalists Rosamund Johnston and Lenka Kabrhelová and contains testimonies of American politicians and other public figures who personally knew Havel and his legacy. Vaclav Havel is remembered as an inspirational leader and a trustworthy politician.


Rosamund Johnston is a journalist1 and historian2 from New York University.  Lenka Kabrhelová is a journalist, too, but she was also a Czech Radio correspondent3 in the U.S.A.  They are the authors of a new book about Václav Havel from 2019.  The name of the book is Havel v Americe.

There are Václav Havel‘s interviews with a lot of famous Americans in the book, for example with Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger or George W.Bush.

Madeleine Albright says: “Havel was modest4, honest5 and generous6.  That’s why he was popular among politicians.”.

Bill Clinton, former7 American President, says: “Havel is a real friend.  He likes jazz and rock-and-roll.  Even people in the street believe him, which is very important.“.

Another politician, Henry Kissinger, says this: “We need leaders8 like Havel, but we don’t have them anymore.  Societies9 need dreams.“.

Suzanne Vega says: “Havel had a funny habit.He drew lines on tablecloths10 with a fork.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because he liked order.”.

Vocabulary: 1novinář|2historik|3zpravodaj|4skromný|5poctivý|6velkorysý|7bývalý|8vůdce|9společnost|10ubrus
Language notes: was=byl, byla (min.čas j.č.)| Czech Radio=Český rozhlas| real friend=skutečný
přítel| in the street=na ulici| very important=velmi důležitý
Sources: R.
Johnson, L.Kabrhelová – Havel v Americe.

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