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Homes of the Richest Americans

Článek jsem zveřejnila 25.5.2018

Let’s take a peek how the richest Americans live. You will get to know about their worths, about their neighbours and about their jobs. The photos and videos were found and projected by the teacher in the class.


Bill Gates
Worth: $81 billion (± 120-miliard Kč)
Home: Medina, Washington
Mr Gates, age 60, spends most of his time at his 6150 square-metre mansion.
Its nickname is Xanadu 2.0 after the estate in the film Citizen Kane.It took Mr Gates seven years and $63.2 million (± 1,356-miliard Kč) to build this house.It is filled with lots of high-tech features.It overlooks Lake Washington.

Jeff Bezos
Worth: $125 billion (± 2,7-bilionu Kč)
Home: Medina, Washington
Mr Bezos, age 52, is the head of Amazon, an e-commerce empire, and he’s one of America’s largest landowners.
He has a 165,000-acre ranch in Texas, three apartments in New York City, and a 1,150-square-metre Beverly Hills house (with Tom Cruise as a neighbour).At his waterfront home in Washington, the living space is 2,700 square-metres.There’s also a caretaker’s cottage and a 420 square-metre boathouse on Lake Washington.

Warren Buffett
Worth: $65.5 billion (± 1,4-miliard Kč)
Home: Omaha, Nebraska
Known as the smartest investor on earth, Mr Buffett, age 86, lives in a humble way.
He bought his house in 1958 for only $31,500 (± 670.000 Kč) and has lived there ever since.The house, originally built in 1921, has undergone several expansions.Now it is a cosy and comfortable 600-square-metre home.

Mark Zuckerberg
Worth: $55.5 billion (± 1,2-miliard Kč)
Home: Palo Alto, California
Mr Zuckerberg, age 32, is the youngest of the richest business men.
He puts most of his money into schools, health, and other philanthropic interests.His portfolio of properties includes his home in Palo Alto and a $9.9-million (± 211-milionů Kč) pied-a-terre in San Francisco.He bought his first 465-square-metre home in Palo Alto in 2011 for $7-million (± 150-milionů kč).During the following years, he bought four houses nearby for about $43.8 million (± 933-milionů Kč) to increase his privacy.But his plan to rebuild these four houses has been postponed.

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