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How to cook what

Článek jsem zveřejnila 17.11.2017

The elderly love to cook. The article „How to cook what“ is about the basic cooking methods and the main dishes which you can cook. We discussed this topic in the class and students picked the questions.

How to cook what.

Whether you’re preparing a feast in advance or quickly preparing dinner, you must match ingredients with the right way of preparing and cooking them.Choosing the correct cooking method will produce the texture, appearance, and flavor of the dish you want to eat and enjoy.

The basic cooking methods are three: dry heat, moist heat and a combination of the two.
The dry-heat method, which is a quick process, adds crispness and flavor, but doesn’t make food soft to chew.
It is soft, or tender to begin with.For example make crisps, or french fries.

The moist-heat method is cooking with water or stock (vývar).
For example steam your dumplings or boil the potatoes.

The third category is the combination of the two and it is long, slow-cooking method to tenderize chewy cuts of meat.For example cook the meat like goulash – but not beef sirloin in cream sauce (svíčková).

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Adapted by: John Kevin Mactavish, USA
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