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Seniors love history. One of the interesting topics to talk about is IRA in Northern Ireland. You can read here about its history and current situation. Also you can listen to a beautiful song by Sinead O’Connor related to this topic.


Many people are afraid that Brexit can bring back problems with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in Northern Ireland.

1921: The IRA starts to exist.Ireland fights for its independence1.After the war2, the country becomes two countries, north and south.

In the middle of the 20th century, the IRA almost stops to exist.But Protestants in Northern Ireland do not behave3 well to Catholics.Catholics are republicans, so they do not want to be part of Great Britain.

1969: The IRA comes back.
3,500 people are killed between 1969 and 1998.

The Good Friday Agreement makes peace4 again.

The IRA still5 exists.Since6 2012, it is called the New IRA.The New IRA says: “We don’t want British soldiers in Northern Ireland.”.

The song „This is a rebel song“ by Sinead O’Connor

English words with Czech translation available here:
O’Connor_Rebel Song.

Vocabulary: 1nezávislost| 2válka| 3chovat(se)| 4mír| 5stále| 6od(časově)
Language notes: bring back=přivést zpátky|Irish Republican Army=Irská republikánská armáda|
fight for=bojovat za (co)|in the middle of=uprostřed(čeho)|come back=vrátit se|Good Friday
Agreement=Velkopáteční (Belfastská)dohoda
Sources: history.com|britannica.com.

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