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As some senior students are interested in architecture, Jan Kaplický was a great personality who is worth it talking about. Besides he spent many years in the United Kingdom. And that’s the country connected with English language.


Jan Kaplický (1937 – 2009) is a Czech architect.
He is famous for the Selfridges Building.It is a shopping centre in Birmingham, England.

The Selfridges shopping centre in Birmingham looks like an iceberg2.It has only a few windows close to the pavement and they look like teardrop3.

The Media Centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground is also his design.It is a stadium4 for cricket in London.Some people say that he is one of the most radical architects of the last 40 years.

Kaplický is also famous for this quote5: „The world is full of beautiful things and you have to look around.Creativity6 is everywhere.If the first idea is good, things are going to be fine.”.

Kaplický is also the winner of a competition7 for a new national library in Prague, but the project is cancelled8 now.

Vocabulary: 1radikální| 2kra| 3slza| 4stadion| 5citát| 6kreativita| 7soutěž| 8zrušený
Language notes: shopping centre=nákupní středisko|Media Centre=středisko pro média|one of=jeden z|the last 40 years=posledních 40 let|close to the pavement=blízko chodníku|national library=národní knihovna
Sources: guardian.com|en.wikipedia.org.

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