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Seniors are keen on cottages. That’s why this study text is about living in small houses and because this is about English language, the discussion will include living in small houses in the English speaking countries.


The tiny-house movement is an architectural and social2 lifestyle.
People live a simple3 life in small homes.It is very popular in the USA, in Great Britain and in Australia.A tiny house usually has less than 46 square metres.

People like the idea because of financial freedom.Small houses are much cheaper than large houses.The design of the house is very important.It uses multi-functional furniture with modern technology.Tiny houses can be connected to electricity or use solar power.

They also use vertical space and have high ceilings4.You can have a dream house for little money.Professional builders5 of tiny houses combine lovely aesthetics6 with great practicality7.These houses can have any design you want – they can look like a romantic mountain cottage or a medieval castle.

Vocabulary: 1bydlení| 2společenský| 3prostý| 4strop| 5stavitel| 6estetika| 7praktičnost
Language notes: tiny-house movement=hnutí malých domků|less than=méně než|square metre=metr čtvereční| because of=kvůli|multi-functional furniture=víceúčelový nábytek|solar power=solární energie|medieval castle=středověký hrad
Sources: huffingtonpost.co.uk|en.wikipedia.org|countryliving.com.

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