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Marks and Spencer is a British shop which offers also clothes for elderly people. Some of my senior students like shopping in Marks and Spencer. Let’s have a look at history and products of Marks and Spencer.


Marks and Spencer (M&S) is a famous1 shop.
It comes from the year of 1884.Michael Marks, a Polish immigrant, and Thomas Spencer from England, are the founders2 of the shop.

M&S shops sell shoes and clothes for men, women and children,including3 elegant clothes for the elderly.You can buy cheap everyday4 clothes in the shop, but also expensive suits5 or dresses6.

Big M&S shops also sell products for your living room and kitchen, so you can even buy pots7 there.Some M&S shops also have British food: cakes, marmalades, biscuits8, but also sausages and meat.

There are 1,000 M&S shops in the world, in forty different countries.In Prague, there are ten M&S shops, for example in Wenceslas Square.

Vocabulary: 1slavný| 2zakladatel| 3včetně| 4každodenní| 5oblek| 6šaty| 7hrnec| 8sušenka
Language notes: the elderly=starší lidé|living room=obývací pokoj|British food=britské
potraviny|in the world=na světě|Wenceslas Square=Václavské náměstí
Sources: marksandspencer.com|en.wikipedia.org.


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