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Interesting, famous Czech personalities, who emigrated to an English speaking country, are always hot topic to discuss in the class. One of them is for example Meda Mládková. She is 100 years old this year. Besides you can go and see a theatre play in Kampa „Meda“.


On the 24th of June 2019, you can go to Kampa Museum to see a theatre play.
The name of the theatre play is Meda.It is a special play, because it’s connected with Meda Mládková’s this year’s 100th birthday.The last opportunity1 to see the play is on the 8th of September 2019.

Important dates in the life of Meda Mládková (*September 8, 1919):.

1946: Meda goes to Switzerland, where she studies economics2 at university.

1953: Meda goes to Paris, where she becomes friends with Jan Viktor Mládek, her future husband3.He is a banker4.

1960: Meda and Jan get married and go to Washington.
They live in the U.S.A., and they start to collect5 art.

1989: Meda returns to Czechoslovakia, because her husband dies.

2003: After a reconstruction of Sova’s Mills, Meda opens a modern art gallery.It is called Kampa Museum.The exhibited6 works of art in the gallery come from her own collection7.

Vocabulary: 1příležitost| 2ekonomie| 3manžel| 4bankéř| 5sbírat| 6vystavený| 7sbírka
Language notes: theatre play=divadelní hra|connected with=spojený s (čím, kým)|at university=na
univerzitě|become friends with=spřátelit se (s kým)|Sova’s Mills=Sovovy mlýny|work of art=umělecké
Sources: museumkampa.cz|en.wikipedia.org.

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