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Medical Appointment – Old Sick Carlos

Článek jsem zveřejnila 14.11.2016

The Autumn is the season when people get sick. Medical Appointment is a short and funny article about one old sick Carlos. That way we practised vocabulary and expressions to health.

Old sick Carlos is nauseated.In one class I have a doctor as a student who advised us what to do if we feel nauseated or have diarrhoea.The recommendations were fantastic and students appreciated them.

Anyway the article about old sick Carlos follows bellow.

Carlos is self employed, and works as a gardener.He has been sick since the morning.He has chills, a fever and his body has started aching.He hasn’t paid health insurance.So he is calling the Maywood Insurance Company to set up an appointment.

The receptionist at the company wants to know what time he can possibly come in.After Carlos replies all the questions, the receptionist set up an appointment for him at 10:30 a.m.today.

By the end of their conversation, Carlos is nauseated.He wants to vomit but he can’t.Now, Carlos needs to put his fur coat on and drive quickly to the clinic.He can’t keep down any small amounts of the BRAT diet.He is worried about vomiting in the car.Next time he will follow the quote: „Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today.“ What can Carlos do? How can he solve his problem?.

At the end of the reading students replied the questions referring to this article.It was a reading comprehension.