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This study text is about how immigrants in the UK learn English in 1977. It is performed in a funny way and my students can identify with them. You can read more about it just here and look at a video clip, too.


Mind Your Language is a British sitcom.
It comes from 1977.These are some of the main characters1:.

Jeremy Brown is a language teacher.He teaches English to immigrants from India, France, China, and other countries.

Dolores Courtney is the arrogant principal2 of the school.She hates the male gender, because she thinks women are better than men.

Student Chung Su-Lee is a Chinese communist3 woman.She is a secretary at the Chinese Embassy.She has problems with saying „R“ and „L“.She also has argument4 with Taro Nagazumi, her Japanese spolužák.5

Another student, Danielle Favre, is a beautiful French au-pair girl and all the men in the class like her.
She likes Mr Brown and is žárlit6 when an attractive Swedish blondýna7, Ingrid Svenson, join the class.


Vocabulary: 1postava|2ředitelka| 3komunista| 4hádka| 5spolužák| 6žárlit| 7blondýna
Language notes: mind your language=pozor na jazyk|sitcom=situační komedie (z anglického situation comedy)|some of=někteří (z)|language teacher=učitel jazyka|male gender=mužské
pohlaví|au-pair girl=dívka au-pair (pomocnice v domácnosti)|join the class=přidat se ke třídě
Sources: imdb.com|en.wikipedia.com|guardian.com.

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