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Seniors love to go mushrooming. Despite the mushrooming season has slowly been ending, there are still many mushrooms growing in the mountains. This study text also depicts British and Irish people’s attitude to mushrooms.
I hope you’ll find it interesting and inspiring.


Autumn is a bit boring.Yes, there are nice leaves and a fresh wind, but it’s cold.In summer you can swim and in winter you can play in snow – but in the autumn you don’t even1 like the clouds2.But there is one nice thing: mushrooms.The woods3 are full of penny buns4, boletes5 or parasols6.It is a good idea to go there with a bag or a basket.

In Britain and Ireland mushroom picking is not very popular.
“Other7 European nations love mushrooms and eat them,” says Irish mycophagist8 Billy O’Dea, “but we are very afraid of mushrooms.
People don’t eat them, because they’re afraid of poisoning9.I eat them a lot and never have any problems,” says O’Dea.

Mushroom picking is also present in English literature, for example in J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Extra příloha k houbám je ke stažení zde:

Vocabulary: 1ani (po záporu)| 2mrak| 3les| 4pravák| 5hřib| 6bedla| 7ostatní| 8mykolog| 9otrava
Language notes: mushroom picking=sbírání hub|a bit boring=trochu nuda|fresh wind=svěží vítr|full of=plné (čeho)|European nations=evropské národy|afraid of=bát se(čeho)|Lord of the Rings=Pán prstenů
Sources: irishtimes.com|guardian.com|en.wkipiedia.org.

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