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Pretty Yende: An Opera Star From Africa

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Seniors love opera! They enjoy going to a concert or listen to an opera on the radio. Pretty Yende is a young opera singer who loves Antonín Dvořák and his opera Rusalka. Let’s read more about her.

Pretty Yende (*March 6, 1985) comes from Piet Retief, a small town in South Africa.She sings opera, she is a soprano1, and she sings in famous opera houses, for example in La Scala and the Metropolitan Opera.

2001 – Pretty Yende studies at secondary school and she hears opera for the first time in a British Airways TV commercial.She says that “it sounds2 so supernatural3 that it cannot be human4.” After this, she wants to be an opera singer.But she doesn’t know if she is really5 talented.

2016 – Pretty Yende is one of the most famous opera singers, a star of Milan’s La Scala, New York’s Metropolitan and London’s Covent Garden.
She has a lot of prizes6 from the Belveder Competition in Vienna from 2010.
Journalists7 say that “her voice can reach to the stars.”.

One of her favourite composers8 is Antonín Dvořák and his opera Rusalka.She sometimes sings in Prague’s Municipal House.

Vocabulary: 1soprán| 2znít| 3nadpřirozený| 4lidský| 5opravdu| 6ocenění| 7novinář| 8skladatel
Language notes: come from=pocházet odněkud|opera house=operní scéna(divadlo)|secondary school=střední škola|for the first time=poprvé|TV commercial=televizní reklama|reach to the
stars=dotknout se hvězd|Municipal House=Obecní dům
Sources: nytimes.com|goodthingsguy.com en.wikipedia.org|.

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