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It’s Easter now. Baking is a favourite Easter activity for seniors. Let’s read about a special English food for Easter. It’s called a hot cross bun.


A hot cross bun is a special food for Easter.
It is a sweet bun2 with raisins3.There is a cross on it, and people usually eat it on Good Friday.Hot cross buns are common4 in Great Britain, but also in Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.The cross on the bun has a special meaning: it is a symbol of the crucifixion5 of Jesus Christ.

Hot cross buns have magic power in English folklore.If you are ill, you can eat a hot cross bun to get better6, and if you eat it when you are at sea, your ship7 will be safe.You can also hang8 the bun in the kitchen.It will protect… (against) your house against fire.

Happy Easter!.

Special vocabulary about dairy products and baking 
download here: Baking vocabulary.

Vocabulary: 1Velikonoce| 2houska| 3hrozinka| 4běžný| 5ukřižování| 6uzdravit(se)| 7loď| 8pověsit
Language notes: hot cross bun=britský mazanec|Good Friday=Velký pátek|special meaning=
zvláštní význam|magic power=kouzelná moc|English folklore=anglický folklor|at sea=na moři| protect…against=chránit před(čím)
Sources: guardian.com|en.wikipedia.org.

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