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Since 1864, a group of swimmers meets by the Serpentine River in London’s Hyde Park, and instead of enjoying warm festive breakfast they jump into the icy waters and compete in a Christmas Day swim.


This event1 happens in 1864 on Christmas Day for the first time.  A group of people meet in Hyde Park in London.  All of these people are swimmers2.

They swim in a river called the Serpentine, which flows through the park.  Its water is very cold.  It is around 4°C and they swim 100 yards3.  Many people watch this race4.  This race becomes a tradition5, so people now do it every year now.  The winner6 of the race gets a gold medal.

Not everybody can swim in cold water right away7.  You must get used to it, which takes some time.

When you jump into cold water, your immune system starts working very fast.  If you repeat it regularly8, it means that you don’t get ill as often.

We have a similar tradition.  Many Czech people swim in the Vltava river at Christmas time.

Vocabulary: 1událost|2plavec|3yard(0,91m)|4závod|5tradice|6vítěz|7okamžitě|8pravidelně
Language notes: for the first time=poprvé| flow through=protékat(čím)| gold medal=zlatá
medaile| get used to=zvyknout si(na co)| take some time=zabrat čas| immune system=imunitní
systém| as often=tak často
Sources: nytimes.com|britannica.com.

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