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The Amish in America

Článek jsem zveřejnila 27.4.2018

The elderly enjoy reading about interesting topics referring to English speaking countries which one of these is „The Amish in America“. This is the community which enjoys natural way of living. Let’s read more about it just here!


The Amish live without luxury.
Most of these communities are in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.The Amish do not have cars, TVs, computers, phones, or even the electricity to operate 21st-century devices.But the Amish have extra good health in old age.

It starts with lifestyle.Amish communities are farming communities, with no modern farm equipment.This means that all the work has to be done by hand.Amish men walk about 11 kilometres a day and women walk about 9, compared with non-Amish people, who doctors encourage to walk at least 8 kilometres a day but they usually don’t.
As a result of this, only about 4% of the Amish are overweight, compared with 37% of the overall U.S.

The Amish rarely smoke (some men smoke cigars).As a result, there’s a 63% lower rate of cancers related to tobacco than in the rest of the population.

There is one long-life lesson the Amish can teach everyone else.Almost all seniors in the Amish community are looked after by relatives.This has big health advantages.It seems that family care may win over medicine.

Source: time.com.