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Seniors like history. The history of the football describes the beginning of the origins of the ball and what was used for playing football. I think the text content is surprising for male as well as for female students.


“Stop playing with your food!“ If you hear this sentence in medieval times, it can have a different meaning1: before the English Football League is created in 1888, people often enjoy playing football with a pig’s head. And victorious2 English soldiers play football with skulls3 of dead enemies4.

The first real ball is a pig or sheep’s bladder5. It is tied with a string6 at the end, and covered with leather7 for protection.

Between 1862 and 1910, footballs are already round because of the invention8 of a rubber bladder, which is covered with stitched9 leather pieces. But these balls are too heavy when it rains, so they can be very dangerous for players.

The first completely synthetic ball used for the World Cup is Adidas Azteca. It is used in Mexico in 1986.

Vocabulary: 1význam| 2vítězný| 3lebka| 4nepřítel| 5měchýř| 6provázek| 7kůže| 8vynález| 9sešitý
Language notes: the football=fotbalový míč|medieval times= období středověku|Football League=fotbalová liga|tied with=zavázaný(čím)|covered with=pokrytý (čím)|for protection=kvůli
ochraně|because of=kvůli|rubber bladder=měchýř z gumy|World Cup=mistrovství světa

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