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Seniors love cats. This study text is about the memory of cats and the facts cats have the same intellect as dogs. Read more about it just here.


Japanese scientist1 say cats and dogs have good memory tests, so they probably2 have the same intellect.

People often think about their past: for example their first day at work or a family wedding.

The scientists say that cats remember past experiences Their type of memory and the human3 type of memory is the same.Cats remember which bowl4 they often use and which bowl they never use.

They remember information about the bowls and their memory is probably very long.

Cats are equal5 to dogs also in other tests.They have the same reactions to human gesture6 and emotions.The test shows that cats remember in-formation about their food in the past.

Later studies are going to test if cats remember also complex7 things in their lives.

Vocabulary: 1vědec| 2pravděpodobně| 3lidský| 4miska| 5rovnocenný| 6gesto| 7komplexní
Language notes: memory tests=paměťové testy|at work=v práci|past experiences=minulé zážitky|
in the past=v minulosti|later studies=pozdější studie
Sources: bbc.com|nationalgeographic.com.


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