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My elderly women are very active, fresh and pretty. They like fashion. Some of them still like to wear miniskirts.


Miniskirts are coming back.
Long skirts are popular1 for a long time, but this is changing now.

There is an exhibition2 about Mary Quant in London.Mary Quant is called ‘the mother of the miniskirt’.The trend of miniskirts comes from the 1960s.

Ellie Pithers works for a fashion magazine.She says: “Miniskirts are optimistic3, that’s why women like them.They feel young in them.”

Miniskirts are not only for young women, but also for older women.

Andrea Leadsom is 55 years old, and she is a British poli-tician.She often wears a black miniskirt.

Some people don’t like women in miniskirts.They even criticize4 them on the Internet.But everybody can wear what they want.

Vocabulary: 1populární| 2výstava| 3optimistický| 4kritizovat
Language notes: for a long time=dlouhou dobu|the mother of the miniskirt=duchovní matka minisukně|fashion magazine=módní časopis|not only=nejen|on the Internet=na internetu
Mary Quant=English Fashion Designer|Ellie Pithers=British journalist|Andrea Leadsom=British politician
Sources: guardian.com|en.wikipedia.org.


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