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Robin Hood is always a popular topic to read about also among seniors.
Let’s have a look at historical background of this hero and the Robin Hood festival that is organized every year in Nottingham.


In ballads1, books and films, Robin Hood is a very popular hero.Even after 700 years, the rogue2 from Nottinghamshire, who steals3 money from rich people and gives it to poor people, is still very popular.But is Robin Hood a real person from the past?.

Writers and filmmakers4 create many versions of Robin Hood.In 14th century England, he is a rebel who kills government people and rich landowners5.Later, Robin is a poor aristocrat with a heart of gold and a woman he loves, Maid Marian.

Robin Hood is present in 14th and 15th century ballads about an aggressive man from Sherwood Forest, who doesn’t like Sheriff of Nottingham.In medieval times, May Day celebrations often involve6 a Robin Hood figure.Modern experts don’t have any evidence, but medieval chroniclers7 are sure that a historical Robin Hood comes from the 12th or 13th century.

At the end of each summer, the city of Nottingham holds8 the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest – this year for the 34th time already.

Vocabulary: 1balada| 2darebák| 3krást| 4filmař| 5statkář| 6zahrnovat| 7kronikář| 8pořádat
Language notes: from the past=z minulosti|a heart of gold=zlaté srdce| Maid Marian=panna Marion|medieval times=středověká doba|May Day=První máj
Sources: history.com|bbc.com.

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