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Two Homes With a Nice Garden

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Seniors love gardening! This study text describes two homes with a nice garden in England. I also projected lovely photos of these two homes with gardens. Let’s read more about it. 

In fact, I also communicated with real estate agencies which offer the properties.They are currently on sale.This way I could have also replied my students‘ curious questions.


The village of Wreay, Cumbria
Woodside Lodge in the county1 of Cumbria in the north-west of England comes from the year of 1880.
It is a house with four bedrooms.

The gardens have big areas with lawn2, bluebells3 and a lot of places to sit or eat outside.

There is a summer house at the top of the garden with a pond4 with water-lillies5.The large living room has French doors and a terrace with a covered seating area with a fireplace6 and a garden room.The price of the house is £595,000 (± 17 million CZK).

The county of Cumbria is the home of actor Stan Laurel, the short man from Laurel and Hardy comedies.

The town of Torquay, Devon
The gardens at Washington House in the county of Devon in the south-west of England come from the year of 1850.

There is a big terrace and the house with five bedrooms has a nice view of the gardens, woods7 and the sea.There is a direct access to the coastal path and Watcombe beach8.The price of the house is £1,250,000 (± 36 million CZK).

The county of Devon is the home of Agatha Christie, the famous writer of detective stories.

Vocabulary: 1hrabství| 2trávník| 3zvonky(rostlina)| 4rybník| 5lekníny| 6krb| 7les| 8pláž
Language notes: lodge=domek|at the top of=nahoře (něčeho)|covered seating area=kryté místo k sezení|a nice view (of)=hezký výhled (na)|a direct access to=přímý vstup (na) |coastal path=pobřežní stezka
Sources: guardian.com|en.wikipedia.org.

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