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Halloween is very popular in the USA and it can’t be missed at my English courses for seniors.
But what is the origin of Halloween? Read more about it just here.


Halloween is a celebration full of pumpkin lanterns and horror costumes1.It is very popular in the United States of America.But people usually don’t know the origin of Halloween.

Halloween is a name for an old north European pagan2 festival celebrated3 by Celtic nations in the past, for example by the Welsh and the Irish.

A long time ago:
Halloween means the end of the light and warm half of the year, and the beginning of the cold and dark half of the year.
The autumn becomes winter.Halloween is a big feast before the months of darkness4, cold and hunger5.Hard times are coming.Halloween is the time when the spirits6 of darkness, the evil forces of nature, wake up7.

Today, All Souls Day on the 2nd of November is a Christian8 version of Halloween, which is celebrated on the 31st of October.

Vocabulary: 1kostým| 2pohanský| 3oslavovaný| 4temnota| 5hlad| 6duch| 7probudit| 8křesťanský
Language notes: pumpkin lantern=dýňová lucerna|the origin=původ|Celtic nations=keltské národy|a long time ago=kdysi dávno| big feast=velká hostina|season of death=období smrti|evil forces=zlé síly|All Souls Day=Dušičky
Sources: guardian.com|en.wikipedia.org.

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