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Womens work

Článek jsem zveřejnila 2.9.2017

Kevin Mactavish, the USA native speaker, adapted an up-to-date text from media called Womens work for each English level. Prague’s female garbage truck driver flew round Prague.

Prague’s female garbage truck driver?


Lenka Stodolova, 26, has become the first female driver of a waste collection vehicle in Prague.She likes her job and says it is clean and calm work.As a driver, she does not handle waste, and she listens to audio books during her shift.

Lenka learned about her job when she moved from Tabor to join her boyfriend.As a waste vehicle driver, she starts at five in the morning and returns to the municipal garages at 13:00.Then she has afternoons off.

The male trash collectors accepted their female co-worker enthusiastically.Her employer, Prague Municipal Services, made a changing room and a separate toilet for her.She also got a new outfit for work.

Some cars parked on narrow streets may cause problems for Lenka, because she must pass by them carefully with her huge truck.Maybe a man could do that for her.

Source: Praguemonitor.com.(2017)._MfD: Prague has first female garbage collector_ | Prague Monitor.[online] Available at: http://www.praguemonitor.com/2017/08/17/mfd-prague-has-first-female-garbage-collector [Accessed 31 Aug.2017].Adapted by: J.K.Mactavish, USA