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Seniors love to visit exhibitions. One of them which is currently in Prague is Zika Ascher’s exhibition called „Mad Silkman“. Read more about Zika Ascher, his work and the exhibition just here!


Zika Ascher (April 3, 1910 –September 5, 1992) was a Czech artist and designer.
He was famous in the world of British fashion.He also was a Czechoslovak champion skier before he emigrated1 to London.Zika was a tall and elegant man.He was shy2, charming3 and he had a very strong will.

With his wife Lída, he started to create fabric4 design.In 1942, they started their own company called Ascher Ltd.In 1939, they went on their honeymoon5 to Norway, just before Nazi Germany occupied6 Czechoslovakia, so the Aschers went to England directly7 from Norway.

In 1945, Zika telephoned a lot of famous artists in Paris, such as Braque and Picasso.They made fabric designs for him.Ascher was a friend of many of the French artists who worked for him.

From the 14th of February to the 15th of September, 2019, you can visit The Mad8 Silkman9: Zika & Lida Ascher: Textiles and Fashion in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.It is an exhibition of Zika and Lida Ascher’s work.

Vocabulary: 1emigrovat| 2stydlivý| 3šarmantní| 4látka| 5líbánky| 6okupovat| 7přímo| 8šílený| 9hedvábník
Language notes: champion skier=vrcholový lyžař|strong will=pevná vůle|own company=vlastní společnost|Nazi Germany=nacistické Německo|such as=například|Museum of Decorative Arts=Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum
Sources: independent.co.uk|upm.cz|en.wikipedia.org.

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