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Word chain game (slovní fotbal)

Článek jsem zveřejnila 10.5.2017|Zábava|

There is one lovely classic memory game for playing in a circle called „Word chain game“ (slovní fotbal).
From time to time I also add this type of game for my seniors. Let’s have a look how it is played.

Word chain is a word game in which players come up with words that begin with the letter or letters that the previous word ended with. A category of words is usually chosen, there is a time limit such as five seconds, and words may not be repeated in the same game. An example chain for food would be: Soup – Peas – Sugar – Rice.

I play it with enthusiasm with seniors and we always experience a lot of fun. The best is that at the moment of speaking student the person himself/herself doesn’t know the word which one would continue with but at the moment of one’s passivity he/she knows many words…we practise an immediate response.