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Yellowstone Summer

Článek jsem zveřejnila 21.6.2017|Cestování|

One of my great students, Draja, from Intermediate level visited the USA including beautiful national parks such as Yellowstone national park. Let’s read more about it just here.

Draja illustratively showed Yellowstone on the map that is hung up in the classroom. She was also talking about it in a catchy way. The article bellow is tailored and modified for Intermediate level. Anyway it was distributed for each English level separately. I hope you’ll find the content inspiring and interesting.

Yellowstone Summer

Welcome to Yellowstone adventure. Yellowstone is unique and very different from other places. Here, you are responsible for your own safety. The park rules protect you and also the park.

Road Safety – Traffic accidents are very common and they can cause injuries and death in the park. Drive carefully, the park speed limit is 45mph (73kph), or slower.

Thermal Area Safety – Stay on boardwalks and designated trails. The ground is unstable in hydrothermal areas.

Please Use Good Sense and Good Behaviour – Traveling can be very stressful and it is easy to get overpowered. Please remember to pack your patience and show politeness to others.

Wildlife Safety – Animals in Yellowstone are wild and dangerous. You can meet bears, wolves, bisons, elks, also birds and squirrels here.

Safety in Bear Home – All of Yellowstone is bear home. Have bear spray always with you and learn how to use it. Make noise to keep away from a surprise and never run when you see a bear, they instinctively chase running prey.

You can join the community of people who decided to guard this national treasure by taking the Yellowstone Commitment. Follow online at go.nps.gov/YellowstonePledge.

Source: USA Newspaper National Park Service