Margaret Thatcher refused to fly with a panda

10. 1. 2018The elderly enjoy reading about famous personalities such as for example Margaret Thatcher. The article has recently appeared in the news  and points out why Thatcher refused to fly with a panda.

Lack of sleep is toxic and will eventually kill you

8. 1. 2018Lack of sleep can cause many health problems. The article points out why sleep is very important. Seniors got to know something fresh again. Read more about importance of sleep just here!

What is TCM?

2. 1. 2018TCM is Traditional Chinese Medicine. As some elderly are interested in alternative medicine, we had an interesting discussion about it. The article provides students with new and fresh information.

Jodie Hruby a Jeanne Marie Wallnau – hosté v kurzech seniorů

24. 12. 2017Na hodinu angličtiny s vánočním hudebním programem přišly také mezi studenty dvě dámy, se kterými spolupracuji na rozvoji kurzu. Jodie Hruby a Jeanne Marie Wallnau. Více o nich zde.

Vánoční hudební program s angličtinou

24. 12. 2017Poslední týden před Vánocemi jsem pro studenty připravila vánoční hudební program s angličtinou. Jako poděkování za projevenou důvěru v uplynulém roce ode mě také dostali vánoční překvapení. 

The History of Christmas Cards

23. 12. 2017The elderly like history. For Christmas this year I’ve chosen the topic „The history of Christmas cards“. Let’s read more about it here.

Jeanne Marie Wallnau – host v kurzech seniorů

12. 12. 2017Jeanne Marie Wallnau byla hostem v mých kurzech angličtiny pro seniory. Tato dáma přišla mezi studenty, protože v roce 2018 povede u mě konverzační hodiny. Přečtěte si o ní více zde.

TESLA is making another roadster

11. 12. 2017This topic is about TESLA’s amazing new sports car. Besides TESLA was the first electrical engineering company in Czechoslovakia in 1921 and still operates in Prague 9. Read more about it here!

Sex and seniors

11. 12. 2017This topic is unusual but not taboo anymore for the elderly. It diversifies English lesson texts and makes the elderly cheerful. They had fun and enjoyed reading. Read it entirely, too!

USA – student’s presentation

8. 12. 2017Jiří from Intermediate level wrote an essay about the USA which he visited in past. He shared his experiences with others. The photos were projected in the classroom. Let’s read more about it here.