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Přečtěte si učební texty jazykové úrovně „Falešní začátečníci“, které zahrnuji do výuky. Jejich primárním zdrojem jsou důvěryhodná online média z anglosaských zemí nebo České republiky. Učební texty převážně zachycují aktuální nebo historické události. Tvůrcem učebních textů je odborník, který se specializuje na věkovou skupinu lidí starších 50 let. Každý učební text je také opatřen audio nahrávkou, která je namluvena rodilým mluvčím. Přeji Vám příjemné čtení a poslech!

18. ledna 2020


Figure skating is one of the most popular winter sports and one of the disciplines to be included in the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Figure skating fans will enjoy the best figure skaters from Europe at the European Championship in Gratz, Austria starting on January 22nd.  

10. ledna 2020


There are nine planets in our solar system but only one of them is known as „king of the moons“ - Saturn. Scientists discovered 20 new moons and each of them is at least 5 kilometres long. Now, people can compete to name them after giants from Scandinavian mythology.

3. ledna 2020


It is no surprise that cheddar cheese comes from an English town in Sommerset called Cheddar. However, sharp-tasting cheese is not the only great discovery that put this town on the map and most importantly in the history textbooks. Meet the Cheddar Man, the oldest complete skeleton found in Britain.

29. listopadu 2019


Stormy, mysterious, tranquil, or even exuberant, these are just a few ways to describe the moods that can be found in music composed by one of the most romantic English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. His work was influenced by his own life and also by English folk songs.

22. listopadu 2019


Havel v Americe is a new book by journalists Rosamund Johnston and Lenka Kabrhelová and contains testimonies of American politicians and other public figures who personally knew Havel and his legacy. Vaclav Havel is remembered as an inspirational leader and a trustworthy politician.

15. listopadu 2019


Colourful leaves, cooler temperatures, early sunsets, and fog are without a doubt the most common autumn weather conditions. Do you know that fog is basically a cloud made of little water droplets? And where would you find the foggiest place on earth? Read more to find out.

8. listopadu 2019


Sherlock Holmes is a legendary fictional detective, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Even the most difficult mysteries cannot stand a chance against the sharp private investigator and his dear companion Dr. Watson. The popular novels were brought to life in movies and on TV.

1. listopadu 2019


Legendary jazz pianist, composer and musician, multiple Grammy Award and Oscar recipient Herbie Hancock is coming to Prague. The genius pianist will take the stage on November 9th, 2019 at Prague’s O2 Universum.

18. října 2019


Czech opera singer Jarmila Novotná was one of the most charming world-famous sopranos of the 20th century. She spent many years in exile but her love for Czechoslovakia stayed with her as she usually concluded her concerts with the national anthem.

11. října 2019


Do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? And do you know that chocolate bars are only 172 years old? Before 1847 chocolate is only a drink of ground cocoa beans, hot water, milk, and sugar. Also dark chocolate has a lot of nutrients, which are good for your health. Cheers to chocolate!

4. října 2019


There are over 12,000 reports of UFOs, unidentified flying objects, most of those sightings were explained. However, hundreds of sightings still remain unidentified to this day. In 1952, the U.S. Air Force starts Project Blue Book to analyse those strange objects in the sky.

27. září 2019


J.R.R. Tolkien is a famous English writer and professor at Oxford University. Tolkien’s most famous books are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, which is a great adventure of Frodo, a hobbit from fantasy world Middle-earth. In 2019 there is also a new film called Tolkien about the writer’s life.

20. září 2019


Queen Elizabeth II wants to sell her villa in Malta, situated in Malta´s capital Valletta. The villa is for sale for 6 million euros (± 155 million Czech crowns). The Queen lived in Malta with her husband Prince Philip between the years 1949 and 1951.

18. září 2019


V tomto týdnu od 16. do 20.9. 2019 je distribuován studijní text Rugby. Bohužel omylem došlo ke zveřejnění fotografie U.S. Football Players nikoliv Rugby Players. Velmi se tímto všem studentům omlouváme.

14. září 2019


The game of rugby was created in 1823 by a student William Webb Ellis in English town called Rugby. Teams consist of 15 players and during the match, the winning team has 80 minutes to score more points than the opponent.

6. září 2019


There is a new film about the incredible life of Tomáš Baťa, one of the most successful Czech businessman. The film should start filming in the spring or summer of 2020 and will cost 85 million Czech crowns.

30. srpna 2019


Global warming, in other words climate change, is the worldwide problem. However, seniors are interested in such a topic and having discussion about it. This study text describes how climate change affects animals, drinking water and nature.

24. června 2019


The last English lesson in June is devoted national anthems of Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand. With music and fun I say „goodbye“ to my students in this school term. 

17. června 2019


Marks and Spencer is a British shop which offers also clothes for elderly people. Some of my senior students like shopping in Marks and Spencer. Let’s have a look at history and products of Marks and Spencer.

10. června 2019


Interesting, famous Czech personalities, who emigrated to an English speaking country, are always hot topic to discuss in the class. One of them is for example Meda Mládková. She is 100 years old this year. Besides you can go and see a theatre play in Kampa „Meda“.

3. června 2019


Food is always a good topic to discuss in the class. Full English breakfast is caloric but also tasty. Let’s have a look what the history and the ingredients are.

27. května 2019


Bees, honey and mead are favourite words among the elderly. A few of them enjoy keeping bees, many of them like eating honey and some of them like drinking mead.

20. května 2019


My elderly women are very active, fresh and pretty. They like fashion. Some of them still like to wear miniskirts.

13. května 2019


Seniors love history. One of the interesting topics to talk about is IRA in Northern Ireland. You can read here about its history and current situation. Also you can listen to a beautiful song by Sinead O’Connor related to this topic.

6. května 2019


Seniors like animals and squirrels are popular among them. They like to watch them. Sometimes the squirrels occur in seniors‘ gardens. Here you can read more about squirrels in Ireland.

26. dubna 2019


In springtime seniors love gardening, growing plants, fruit and vegetables. This study text refers to the season of spring, spring vocabulary, spring idioms and spring pictures. We also listened to a beautiful spring song.

19. dubna 2019


It’s Easter now. Baking is a favourite Easter activity for seniors. Let’s read about a special English food for Easter. It’s called a hot cross bun.

14. dubna 2019


Political topic is also favourite among seniors. Now we will talk about Brexit that is a hot topic in the world nowadays. Up to date information on Brexit follows in text.

7. dubna 2019


Seniors love exhibitions including for example interesting personalities. Eva Jiřičná, who lives in London, exhibits her work at the DOX Centre in Prague. The study text is also a kind of invitation for my students to see something interesting.

1. dubna 2019


Seniors like history. The history of the football describes the beginning of the origins of the ball and what was used for playing football. I think the text content is surprising for male as well as for female students.

25. března 2019


Seniors love to go to libraries. This study text says about books and their future and the position of libraries also abroad. An interesting interview with Vít Richter, the director of the National Library, is about to read just here!

18. března 2019


Seniors love travelling. Their favourite travel destination is also Ireland. Beara peninsula is not much known among tourists despite it’s a very beautiful Irish place. Let’s read more about it just here!

4. března 2019


Seniors love to visit exhibitions. One of them which is currently in Prague is Zika Ascher’s exhibition called „Mad Silkman“. Read more about Zika Ascher, his work and the exhibition just here!

25. února 2019


This study text is about those who wake up early (morning larks) and those who wake up late (night owls). Let’s have a look at some characteristic features of these two different types.

18. února 2019


Scouting comes from England. Some seniors or their children or grandchildren may have been involved in Scouting, too. This study text is interesting from the historical point of view as well as from further current development.

11. února 2019


Seniors like music. Bobby McFerrin is a famous singer for the song „Don’t worry, Be happy.“ Some seniors also hum the name of this song…Besides this interpreter conducts also Smetana’s Vltava and the classical music is very favourite among the elderly, too. 

28. ledna 2019


Seniors are keen on cottages. That’s why this study text is about living in small houses and because this is about English language, the discussion will include living in small houses in the English speaking countries.

21. ledna 2019


As some senior students are interested in architecture, Jan Kaplický was a great personality who is worth it talking about. Besides he spent many years in the United Kingdom. And that’s the country connected with English language.

14. ledna 2019


This study text is about how immigrants in the UK learn English in 1977. It is performed in a funny way and my students can identify with them. You can read more about it just here and look at a video clip, too.

7. ledna 2019


Seniors love cats. This study text is about the memory of cats and the facts cats have the same intellect as dogs. Read more about it just here.

17. prosince 2018


Christmas is coming and that’s the time when we sing Christmas carols in the class. This year students have the study text about three Christmas songs which are not as famous as other Christmas hits but they are still very beautiful.

10. prosince 2018


Mr. Bean is popular all over the countries, cultures and all age groups including seniors. But Rowan Aktinson who plays Mr. Bean is not only Mr. Bean. The study text shows Atkinson in other performing roles. Read more about him just here.

3. prosince 2018


Seniors love to visit exhibitions. One of them is about Hana Podolská, the Czech fashion legend. Let’s read more about her charming personality, life and the place where the exhibition takes place.

26. listopadu 2018


Every last Thursday the USA celebrates Thanksgiving Day. It’s a special holiday for Americans. Let’s read more about the history and a special meal that is served on this celebration.

21. listopadu 2018


This is an invitation to Prague cinema and see a new film „King of Thieves“. The plot is about retired gentlemen who broke into a jewelery shop in London. It’s based on a true story.

9. listopadu 2018


Seniors like to read about historical events. And because we celebrate the 100th  anniversary of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic, there is one interesting news about Josef František, the Czech war hero of Great Britain. 

5. listopadu 2018


Seniors love to go mushrooming. Despite the mushrooming season has slowly been ending, there are still many mushrooms growing in the mountains. This study text also depicts British and Irish people’s attitude to mushrooms. I hope you’ll find it interesting and inspiring.

24. října 2018


Halloween is very popular in the USA and it can’t be missed at my English courses for seniors. But what is the origin of Halloween? Read more about it just here.

15. října 2018


Robin Hood is always a popular topic to read about also among seniors. Let’s have a look at historical background of this hero and the Robin Hood festival that is organized every year in Nottingham.

8. října 2018


Seniors love reading about historical events. On October 18 America celebrates Alaska Day. Read more about it here and listen to its audio recording.

1. října 2018


The space is a specific topic but still favourite among seniors. This study text depicts a current event that happened in the laboratory of the ISS. Let’s read more about it.

24. září 2018

A New Film About Villa Tugendhat

Seniors enjoy reading about the news also from the Czech Republic. This study text is about a new film about villa Tugendhat which is planned for the spring of 2019. Let’s read more about it.

17. září 2018

Pretty Yende: An Opera Star From Africa

Seniors love opera! They enjoy going to a concert or listen to an opera on the radio. Pretty Yende is a young opera singer who loves Antonín Dvořák and his opera Rusalka. Let’s read more about her.

10. září 2018

Two Homes With a Nice Garden

Seniors love gardening! This study text describes two homes with a nice garden in England. I also projected lovely photos of these two homes with gardens. Let’s read more about it. 

3. září 2018

Is Moderate Drinking Risky?

Drinking alcohol is a good topic to discuss among seniors. In their free time many of them enjoy drinking a glass of wine, a glass of beer. Let’s read an interesting survey about drinking alcohol. The U.K. is included on the list.

29. června 2018

Famous Dancer and a Famous Singer

Last English lesson was very special with a musical programme. The two musical interpreters who made the class different were Michael Flatley and Dionne Warwick. Let’s read what was going on in the class.

18. června 2018

The Pros and Cons of Sous-Vide Cooking

My elderly love cooking. It’s the most favourite activity for them during their leisure time in their retirement. Sous-vide cooking method is something what many of them haven’t heard of it. 

11. června 2018

Scientists Look for Loch Ness Monster

Animals, mysteries and further curiosities from English speaking countries also catch my seniors‘ eyes. Let’s have a look and read more about the Loch Ness Monster. The historical background is a must for my elderly.

4. června 2018

Boston Tea Party: Coffee Chain Stops Using Disposable Cups

Coffee is always a good topic for the elderly. They love drinking coffee and going to a sweetshop. The worldwide hot topic is also how to eliminate plastic. Let’s look how this problem was solved out by one British café.

25. května 2018

Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire

I also keep an eye on interesting holidays from English speaking countries. One of which is for example „Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire, in England. Let’s have a look what this contest is about.

25. května 2018

Beavers in Scotland

My students like reading about nature and animals. This article is about beavers in Scotland. It is interesting from historical point of view and also from today’s point of view.

25. května 2018

Homes of the Richest Americans

Let’s take a peek how the richest Americans live. You will get to know about their worths, about their neighbours and about their jobs. The photos and videos were found and projected by the teacher in the class.

4. května 2018

Fun Facts

These are a couple of fun facts that may broaden your horizons. Read more for example about why we use „mayday“ or why women have buttons on the left or why zero scores in tennis are called „love“. 

27. dubna 2018

The Amish in America

The elderly enjoy reading about interesting topics referring to English speaking countries which one of these is „The Amish in America“. This is the community which enjoys natural way of living. Let’s read more about it just here!

18. dubna 2018

Royal Wedding: Prince Harry + Meghan Markle

The royal wedding is hot topic nowadays. So why doesn’t talk about it in the classes of seniors? It is upcoming news and many of my students are interested in this worldwide stunning event. 

18. dubna 2018

Reasons to Learn Piano

Some of my students love to learn piano. Also my students‘ children or grandchildren love to play the piano. So it’s a good topic to discuss it. The fresh article says „Why it is good to learn piano“.

9. dubna 2018

Fashion Design by Matty Bovan

This article is about one young British designer, Matty Bovan. Also fashion is a grateful topic for seniors. Especially ladies, attending my courses, love fashion. They are dressed up and look fabulous! Read more about Matty Bovan.

2. dubna 2018

Easter in America and England

It’s always rewarding to have an Easter topic on Easter for my students. This year we talked about Easter in America and England. The article depicts real people’s experiences. Students also received a chocolate egg from the teachers.

26. března 2018

Ancient Mapmaking

Seniors love to travel. The article about Ancient Mapmaking refers to its history and interesting facts about how maps looked like in past and which kind of people used to buy maps with many decorations mapping illustrations of fantasy better than real illustrations.

19. března 2018

Exhibition: Maria Lassnig

From time to time I inform my students with up-to-date cultural events such as for example the exhibition about the artist Maria Lassnig. She also lived in New York. Her exhibition takes place at Trade Fair Palace (Veletržní palác) until 17 June 2018.

14. března 2018

Gin Production in Wales

Alcohol is always a good topic to its discussion in the classes. This depicts an incrising gin popularity in Wales. Nowadays it’s a very fashionable drink, too. Some seniors brought into the classes a fitting refreshment.

6. března 2018

The Oscars: A Brief History

The topic is very attracting because it is watched not only by the elderly but also by all age people. This contains an interesting history about the Oscars. The official ceremony was announced on March 4th.

2. března 2018

Fun Facts about Queen Elizabeth II.

This monarchy is very popular among seniors. Many of them have visited London and Buckingham Palace. The article is about the Queen’s juicy details. This year she will be 92 years old. Read more just here!

19. února 2018

Billy Budd - the British opera in the National Theatre

Seniors love going to cultural events. One of them is an opera. Billy Budd is the first British played opera in Prague! I invite my students to go and see it. It will be on this April in the National Theatre.

16. února 2018

Birdsong and Human Language

Many seniors keep pets. They also love animals and birds. This topic describes the similarities between birds and humans. To its great surprise there is no ancestor of birds and humans that made a song.

5. února 2018

Do smartphones cause damage to children?

I also try to have seniors keep the pace with time. Smartphones are the hot topic nowadays in IT equipment. Many seniors use them, too. But what is said about smartphones towards children and grandchildren?

26. ledna 2018

Prague’s Second Astronomical Clock

Seniors love reading about history. Also a history of Prague is a gratful topic to talk about. Let’s read more interesting facts about the astronomical clocks in Prague.

20. ledna 2018

Burns Night - Scotland

On January 25th Scotland celebrates Burns Night. We read a very interesting article and the students were refreshed with an original Scottish biscuit. We also watched 3 videos about the music of bagpipes, traditional Scottish song and the haggis.

10. ledna 2018

Margaret Thatcher refused to fly with a panda

The elderly enjoy reading about famous personalities such as for example Margaret Thatcher. The article has recently appeared in the news  and points out why Thatcher refused to fly with a panda.

8. ledna 2018

Lack of sleep is toxic and will eventually kill you

Lack of sleep can cause many health problems. The article points out why sleep is very important. Seniors got to know something fresh again. Read more about importance of sleep just here!

2. ledna 2018

What is TCM?

TCM is Traditional Chinese Medicine. As some elderly are interested in alternative medicine, we had an interesting discussion about it. The article provides students with new and fresh information.

23. prosince 2017

The History of Christmas Cards

The elderly like history. For Christmas this year I’ve chosen the topic „The history of Christmas cards“. Let’s read more about it here.

11. prosince 2017

TESLA is making another roadster

This topic is about TESLA’s amazing new sports car. Besides TESLA was the first electrical engineering company in Czechoslovakia in 1921 and still operates in Prague 9. Read more about it here!

11. prosince 2017

Sex and seniors

This topic is unusual but not taboo anymore for the elderly. It diversifies English lesson texts and makes the elderly cheerful. They had fun and enjoyed reading. Read it entirely, too!

24. listopadu 2017

American pension vs. European pension

The elderly are interested in pensions abroad. Interesting comparison between American pension and European pension you’ll find just here.

20. listopadu 2017

Robots for senior citizens?

The global population of the elderly is growing fast. Japan is dealing with this problem in its own way. Let’s read more about robots for senior citizens in Japan. I think it’s just weird but true. 

17. listopadu 2017

How to cook what

The elderly love to cook. The article „How to cook what“ is about the basic cooking methods and the main dishes which you can cook. We discussed this topic in the class and students picked the questions.

7. listopadu 2017

Jarmila Kalašová, 90 y.o. painter

My senior citizens like art. No matter if it’s applied or contemporary art, figurative or impressionist art, photographing, sculpture or just painting. They love going to galleries, museums, exhibitions etc. Read about Jarmila Kalašová, the painter.

30. října 2017

Travel with Grandchildren

Travel with grandchildren is a hot topic among seniors. What is better: To travel with grandchildren’s parents or without them? Read an interesting article with suggestions just here. Suitable for Intermediate level.

23. října 2017

Hobbies to wrap your heart around

One of the most popular activity among seniors in their leisure time is taking care of their grandchildren. A nice up-to-date article was adapted by the native speaker also for my students. Which kind of hobbies do women over 50 have in the world? Read here!

16. října 2017

Graffiti - Move over, Banksy

The article is about Graffiti that is popular among seniors in Lisbon. One of my great students, Jitka, visited Lisbon and showed us the lovely photos of graffiti of big sizes in the class, likewise. Read more about this program just here!

25. září 2017

Czech domestic life

The article Czech domestic life reflects customs and culture in the Czech Republic. Good to read how we are judged and presented to foreigners. 

20. září 2017

Too late to save on energy?

Seniors are forced to save money in their retirement. Therefore it’s a good topic to talk about with seniors. Let’s read an interesting article about how to save money on energy. 

16. září 2017

Tasty Roasted Pork

My seniors like cooking. This week the recipe Tasty Roasted Pork was on. We also learned the parts of pig from the picture. So if they go to the butcher’s in English speaking country, they will know how to ask for what. Students also shared their own recipes.

11. září 2017

Gifted hands shops for you

Gifted Hands shops for you is an article about a private care service helping seniors in the USA. First, students read and translated the article at home. Second we talked about it in the class and students replied to the questions.

2. září 2017

Womens work

Kevin Mactavish, the USA native speaker, adapted an up-to-date text from media called Womens work for each English level. Prague’s female garbage truck driver flew round Prague.

13. června 2017

Strawberry season

Strawberry season is here! When did they come up? What do they contain? Which way are good for our health? How to make a delicious strawberry smoothie? Read just now.

12. června 2017

Healing of Plant Oils

My students like to discuss topics that refer to gardening, cooking, health etc. One of the topics that I chose for my students is „Healing of plant oils“. Let’s read what healing effects plant oils have on our body.

5. června 2017

Marijuana’s health effects

Marijuana’s effect on health care is also positive. I shared an interesting up-to-date study by scientists with my students. The Seniorific News was my inspiring American newspaper.

25. května 2017

Drink more water!

According to scientists seniors should drink more water. What problems they fight with at an older age, a modified article tailored for each language level from the newspapers Seniorific says just here.

25. května 2017

Trekking with beet juice

As seniors like going to the mountains no matter it is walking, hiking or trekking, I prepared a short text tailored for each language level about trekking with beet juice in cooperation with my colleague. Have a look what it says.

12. května 2017


Laughter is a strong medicine and for elderly people it makes double true. I shared an interesting article about „LAUGH!“ with other seniors. Let’s have a look what laughing can help, what is the World Laughter Day about and who arranged it.

9. května 2017

Gardening in UK

Seniors like gardening. Many of them do gardening at the cottages or at the houses. Due to this popular hobby among elderly people, in cooperation with my cooperating teacher, Vlaďka, I distributed the text about gardening in UK.

27. dubna 2017

Why should you exercise?

One of my students, Peggy, from Advanced Level visited her family member in Australia. After she had come back to the class, she lent me the Australian newspaper for seniors. I found there an interesting article „Why should you exercise?“ 

24. dubna 2017

How many hours should seniors sleep?

There was a recent survey about how many hours seniors should sleep that I read in the USA Newspaper focused on seniors. I shared the info with others. 

13. dubna 2017


Easter is coming and my English lesson was partly dedicated to this holiday. Seniors love to bake lamb, Easter bread or decorate eggs. Let’s have a look what the tailored distributed text was about.

3. dubna 2017

Shopping malls for seniors

Seniors like to do shopping no matter if it’s at home or abroad. Therefore I made up a topic „Shopping malls for seniors“. The topic was created via online media with hot news of Marks and Spencer and Macy’s.

27. března 2017

Our brains change as we age

I was inspired by one interesting article in the Magazine Drive about „Our brains change as we age“. I tailored this topic for each level of English separate. Seniors enjoyed reading it and fun discussion opened.

20. března 2017

LENT - time before Easter

One topic that was included in the lesson was the time before Easter called „LENT“. Some of the students observe LENT, while others only know the word. I shared with them further interesting information. Here you go.

2. března 2017

Nikola Tesla - Lord of Electricity

My students asked me to read something about Nikola Tesla, the Lord of Electricity. I think this personality has such a huge impact on our lives that he is worth noticing. 

20. února 2017

Bábovka and the best cakes in London

Jarka baked bábovka for welcome party of opening a new classroom. She asked me the question „how is it with bábovka in English speaking countries“? And a new topic was in the world.

8. února 2017

Figure Skating

One of my students from False Beginner Level inspired me with her favourite winter sport „Figure Skating“. So I decided to put it into the English lesson and have students talk about it.

1. února 2017

How to be polite in English

I reshaped the text „How to be polite in English“ and tailored it for my students for every level of English. It’s always good to know the British manners within my English course. Students appreciated it and laughed.

27. ledna 2017

Eat these 5 foods in winter

Let’s take a closer look at some of the recommendations about what to eat in winter to stay healthy. I tailored the text for each different level of English and got inspired by Cleveland Clinic online magazine.

10. ledna 2017

Goblin and Dwarf and legend…

One day, the student came to me and ask me about the difference between a goblin and a dwarf. I regard it as an interesting topic for others. I prepared the text with historical background tailored for each different language level. Here you go.

15. prosince 2016

Maya Angelou and her quote in Hangman

Maya Angelou, primarily a famous American poet, was recommended to me by the native speaker, Rachel Hacker, who joined our classes. Let’s read who it was and what her quote was in Hangman.

10. prosince 2016

No age is too old to go back to school

I received the newspaper „The Seniorific News“ from the U.S.A. from my darling student Eva. We read about „No age is too old to go back to school“…

24. listopadu 2016

Thanksgiving Holiday by the New Yorker, Stuart Carapola

Thanksgiving Holiday was on presented by Stuart Carapola’s eyes who comes from New York

14. listopadu 2016

Medical Appointment - Old Sick Carlos

The Autumn is the season when people get sick. Medical Appointment is a short and funny article about one old sick Carlos. That way we practised vocabulary and expressions to health.

31. října 2016

Halloween - the Holiday for English Speaking Countries

Halloween is the holiday for English speaking countries and we read an absorbing text and talked about it in the classes. 

30. září 2016

Keep calm…worldwide slogan

Keep calm and…is the worldwide slogan. I received the notebook as a gift with the cover slogan from my student Draja who spends sometimes her free time in London and who inspired me to find more about it.

21. září 2016

Mayday! Why is it used for S.O.S.?

Students were curious why the word „MayDay“ is used for S.O.S. although it is the word primarily used for the Labour Day celebrated on Sept. 1st everywhere in the world besides the U.S.A. I found out…

5. září 2016

Labor Day in the USA

Labor Day in the USA is celebrated the 1st Monday in September. Let’s take a look why it is celebrated in September and not in May which is common for the rest of the world and more just read about it here.

30. května 2016

MEMORIAL DAY - Federal Holiday in USA

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in USA celebrated on May 30th. It was on for my students of intermediate level who came to the class just on 30.5.

27. května 2016

Čaj Earl Grey - proč se tak jmenuje? Zajímalo studenty…

Začátečníky zajímalo, proč se čaj Earl Grey tak jmenuje. Vypátrala jsem z několika důvěryhodných online mezinárodních zdrojů a podělila se o nový poznatek se studenty.

11. května 2016

FROZEN - Ledové království

In cooperation with a New Yorker, Stuart Carapola, I shared with my students the text and video shot about FROZEN that is popular among American children nowadays and can be an inspiration for grandparents and their grandchildren here.

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