Crossword about gardening

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Seniors like to play crosswords. I added one about gardening into the lesson. Try to guess the words, too and train your memory with this crossword puzzle.

Crosswords keep your brain fit and can stimulate your brain. So exercise your mind with the crosswords and improve your memory this way.

The words that students should guess are described in English. All are related to gardening topic.
Try if you can guess, too. The solution is bellow.

  1. a piece of land next to the house / starts with „G“ (6 letters)
  2. it has a stem, leaves and roots / starts with „P“ (5 letters)
  3. it smells nice and has thorns / starts with „R“ (4 letters)
  4. a line of bushes or small trees / starts with „H“ (5 letters)
  5. the conditions in the air / starts with „W“ (7 letters)
  6. work done with hands / starts with „H“ (8 letters)
  7. the art of cutting bushes into attractive shapes / starts with „T“ (7 letters)
  8. sea, mountains, rivers, plants etc. / starts with „N“ (6 letters)
  9. green surface / starts with „G“ (5 letters)

Solution: 1. Garden, 2. Plant, 3. Rose, 4. Hedge, 5. Weather, 6. Handwork, 7. Topiary, 8. Nature, 9. Grass

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