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Malta - student’s presentation

Kateřina visited Malta and shared great travel experiences with others. The lesson was very special and different. We had lots of fun in the class and discussed this beautiful island all together. Her essay is attached bellow.


Malta forms six islands located in the middle of Mediterranean sea.It is the southernmost island of Europe.The biggest island of Malta has 400 000 people. The second biggest island is Gozo with 30 000 people.The first settlement is dated back to 7 000 years.

Malta is made of sandstone.It is a very dry island. Freshwater is obtained from desalination of seawater.
Due to its location, the island has become an important port. All nautical countries wanted to control it.
Therefore the Maltese people lived under foreign domination till the Republic foundation (in 1964).

The Maltese people are known fot their bravery.

The Emperor, Charles V., gave Malta to small knights in the 16th century (1564), during a large siege of the Turks. The Johanites defended the country. In memory  of the Grandmaster La Valette, the city was named after him - Valetta. The Maltese people showed heroism also in World War II.

And now something from my experience.
The Maltese people are very nice. They are not in a hurry.Their language sounds something between Italian and Arabic. But everybody speaks English.

The capital of Malta, Valetta, is a very hot and dry city. There are only two small parks. Most buildings are made of sandstone. From time to time we can see capers in a gap between stones. The covered balcony for wives and daughters are typical for Malta. In Valetta you can see endless amount of sights from the Middle Ages and early baroque, repaired Roman villas and colonial architecture.

In the city Mdina we saw the rock altar and large catacombs from past. They were partly used as a shelter in the World War II.

In the south of the island there are fishing villages with colorful boats. Every boat has painted eyes to watch coming danger. Here are also excellent fish restaurants.

Next day we rented a car and drove to the island GOZO. It was really wonderful. Gozo is much more natural, greener. The beaches are very various. The clifts are dramatic. It was a shame we didn’t see the azure eze - the large stone arc with a view of the sea. It broke in the year of 2016. It was seen in HBO serieś The Trone Game for the last time.
A strong experience was the sightseeing of the citadele in the town Victoria. We were there over the night and almost alone.

On the way back to Valetta we were very lucky because we were the last to board the ferry.
I would like to go back to the islands but not in summer.

Written by Kateřina Jarolímková, Intermediate level


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